Your can buy a Thornhill Range cooker directly from our factory here in the UK. We will arrange shipping directly to your door.

As we are no longer in the EU, it has to be arranged through a company in the EU as there is no system for personnel imports to the EU from non-EU countries. This add a little to the cost and we can no longer bringa nd fit them ourselves.

There are some fitters in France who can help you and advise you.

Parrington et Crossland, 79340 Vasles,

Good Wood Burning, Abjat sur Bandiat, 24300.

If you know of any one else I’d be please if you contact me. All they need to import the cooker is an EORI number. If they are TVA registered and they instal the cooker they only need charge 6% TVA,

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If you have any questions please Contact us now for more details.


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