180°C in 30 minutes

180°C in 30 minutes

Electric ovens & Range Cookers.

I have designed this cooker for speed and controllability, long life, and ease of repair over the long term. Where possible I have used standard industrial/professional grade components for life and ease of getting replacements in 15-20 years time (all electric elements fail in the end and I feel it’s important to be able to get replacements and fit them relatively easily) You will require a 40 amp cooker supply and a 13 amp socket nearby the cooker when installing. In Europe, a 3X16amp 3 phase supply is often used. We can wire the cooker either way.

Ceramic/Halogen Hob: The hob has 2 rings, a large and small. A ceramic hob takes about 4 secs. to be glowing red hot, so not much slower than gas.      I can use an induction hob here but we have found them to be unreliable, sensitive and to frequently break, so recommend ceramic/halogen rings for speed and reliability. Also according to my experiments and to Wikipedia they use more electricity and are less efficient than induction hobs and do not require special pans.

Plancha/Hot plate: Full size under the lid, and has an industrial grade temperature controller. Just press the dial and turn to the required temperature, press again and it warms up, showing the temperature on the readout. It take about 4 minutes to heat to 150C, 6 minutes to 150C, and is a 250C in less than 9 minutes but can go to 300C.

3 OVENS, 50 LITRES EACH. ( 35cm Wide, 27.5 cm high, 52cm deep) AGA Cookware will fit on the runners.

2 ovens on the right are full fan ovens, controlled with the same type of controller as the planch plate. They can heat up to 180 in about 17 mins and can go up to 250C.

The top oven has a grill.

The 3rd oven is a warming oven in the base, and is on/off. It is low powered just 200 Watts but heats to over 80C and can be left on to warm the cooker.

You do not need a flue/chimney with an electric cooker so it can be placed anywhere in the room, this is often the reason for fitting and electric cooker.

But, please note the following comments, these comments apply for all electric cookers, whether an AGA, Everhot, ESSE or the new Thornhill electric range cooker, or even having your existing AGA  converted to electric.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and many myths, half truths, and false information abound on the internet and in adverts.

1/     Other companies are selling electric cookers as a cheaper, cleaner alternative, but then quote running costs for just cooking. That’s OK, but you you cannot compare these running cost with a room heater/cooker like a traditional oil AGA. You will need an alternative source of heat for your kitchen with any make of electric cooker.

2/     Another myth is that an electric cooker will use a lot less energy, this is illogical, yes an oil, gas, pellet or wood fired cooker has a flue and so is between 90-95% efficient with 5-10% of energy going up the chimney, but that is not a lot. Electricity is by far the most expensive fuel. Hence the need for alternative kitchen heating with any make of electric cooker. (even if you have electric heating via an heat pump)

3/     “Our cooker runs on just one or two 3 pin plugs”, the implication here being that they use less energy. Sadly not so. If it takes 1 kWh to heat an oven, you can use a 1kW element for 1 hour, a 2 kW element for 1/2 hour or a 4 kW element for 15mins. You electric meter will show 1wWh whichever way you do it, your energy bill will be the same, you just have to wait for your dinner! That why the Thornhill uses a 40 amp supply and a 13 amp socket, the top oven can be heated to 180 in about 12 mins, and the plancha plate to 150 in 15 mins.  CONTROLLABILITY.

If you do buy any make of electric range, please then remember to install a radiator in the room for heating, or you might get a shock when your first electricity bill arrives.

HOWEVER: You can site an electric cooker anywhere as you do not need a chimney, they have lower installation costs ( no chimney, no oil or gas line, no wood or pellet store) they are green if you purchase renewable electricity, they are very controllable. There is no ongoing maintenance (oil/gas annual service, chimney sweeping, ash emptying). Provided the electric points are nearby, the cost shown is your actual cost.

With a Thornhill Electric cooker, you will have the best, most controllable, easy clean, high quality, classic looking cooker.

Now the very difficult bit WHAT COLOUR?. There is a very large choice, but if you email us your name and postal address we can send you 3 or 4 sample swatches as in the pictures. They are cast iron so quite heavy and I ask you to keep them till we deliver your cooker and then we collect them back.



















The cooker come in one piece, factory tested weighing about 650 Kg. So please advise any potential delivery problems, eg. flights of steps, tight corners or very narrow doors.


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