Thornhill Range cookers can be shipped to your nearest port within our stated prices, and we are able to advise and help with installation via email. We are happy to discuss installation requirements with you or directly with a contractor of your choice.

The Excluding VAT price shown on the Product Price Page is the price you would pay. No middle men, no mark ups, just great value.

You will have to add to this cost the import duty and transport from the port to your house.

Shipping tale about 4-6 weeks, plus 8-10 weeks (less for black) manufacturing so you need to plan ahead a bit.

Please go to our Wood fired Cooker page now to see our extensive range of iron cookers.

If you have any questions please Contact us now for more details.

Please be assured if you do email us, we will not use your data for any other purposes other than to reply to your email. We will not keep you data or sell it to third parties. We only keep transactional  data when we sell a cooker.

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