Thornhill Range Benefits

Thornhill Range Benefits

The Benefits of Buying a Thornhill Range Cooker – Why Buy an Aga range cooker Alternative?

Thornhill range cookers are British designed and British made to the highest specifications. They are built to last and are available in a wide choice of heating and colour options, ensuing that you can find the right cooker to suit your taste and requirements.

We believe that the cutting edge technology in each of our fuel options, provides you with superb cooking control, programmable heating and huge savings over conventional range cookers.

Here are some of the reasons to choose a Thornhill range cooker rather than, say, a Reconditioned or new Aga range cooker:

Thornhill Range AGA Range Cooker
Can be set to give heat output commensurate with the external temperature. In the summer it can simply be turned on when required. Standard oil and gas AGA Range cookers have a continuous heat output 24/7, 365 days a year (unless it is fitted with an AIMS control, in which case this can be reduced slightly). This means that some Aga Range Cooker owners buy a second cooker for summer use to avoid having a hot kitchen in the summer.
Takes from 20 -30 minutes to heat up depending on the model. With gas @ 3p/kW or oil at 5p/kW Takes at least 6-8 hours to heat up.( Total Control electric is faster but at 12p/kW)
The temperature can be turned up and down and the main oven can be set to the temperature you want (the other ovens & hotplate operate relative to the main oven). The temperature cannot be adjusted, so cooking has to be done by moving things up and down to get to the different temperatures in the oven.
A Thornhill range cooker will detect a fall in temperature and fire up to keep the temperature at the set level. If doing large amounts of cooking in an Aga Range Cooker, heat will be taken from the oven and this will take time to build back up again (for example if you are cooking a huge joint).
Oven temperature is not affected when you use one of the hot plates. The oven temperature is lowered when you use one of the hot plates.


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