Your can buy a Thornhill Range cooker directly from our factory here in the UK. We will arrange shipping directly to your door. No middle men, no mark ups, just great value. Brexit has been a problem, but we have now solved it.

We build a crate and we have to pay the VAT for you and then it is delivered, tail lift offload to your door. You have to arrange a local fitter to get it from the pallet into your home. This is not as difficult as it sounds as the base of the cooker is solid 5mm steel so roller, pallets truck, crowbars can be used to maneuver it into your kitchen.

If you are buying direct we will have paid the VAT for you so please look at the Inc.VAT part of the price list, see Price Page,

If you are a VAT Registered  businesses and can supply a Purchase Order with your VAT registration Number and an EORI number, we can export it to you Exc. VAT.

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If you have any questions please Contact us now for more details.

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