Thornhill Range Cookers – Helping the Environment

Heating fuel is the main source of carbon emissions in a home and any reduction in the amount of fossil fuel and electricity used is a step in the right direction. With a warm cosy cooker in the kitchen and a good wood burner in the sitting room, many people find that they turn their central heating on a month or so later than normal.

Every Thornhill range cooker is designed with complete control in mind, so that you are only using fuel when you require it. The level of heat to your kitchen is controlled by the oven temperature, so a low gentle heat can be used on chilly autumn or more for cold winter nights. In the summer, the range need only be run when you need to cook.

Both our wood burning and pellet cookers can be run with sustainably sourced fuels, giving the environment a helping hand. And you, as well as the environment, will benefit from our state of the art technology that ensures each of our ranges use energy as efficiently as possible.

Thornhill range cookers are built in the UK, using as minimal road miles as possible, keeping our carbon footprint low. They are constructed from high quality materials and are built to last a lifetime.

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