About Thornhill Range Cookers Old

About Thornhill Range Cookers Old

Graham Thornhill C. Eng. spent 25 years reconditioning and re-manufacturing Aga range cookers. His engineering background has enabled him to design a new version of British-style iron range cookers that keep all of the looks and quality associated with top names such as Aga, Rayburn and ESSE, but with highly efficient burners and on demand operation that ensures low running costs and a much more environmentally friendly product. He started up ECO Range Cookers and the business has gone from strength to strength.

In 2015, Graham decided to change the company name to Thornhill Range Cookers Ltd. “I had originally intended for the word ECO to sum up all that was best about my new improved British iron range cookers,” Graham explains. “My range cookers are eco-friendly and cconomical to run. However, they are not cheap, economy versions of a better quality product, so I have decided to change the name of the company in case of any confusion. I am proud of the fact that our range cookers are made in the UK and much of the work is done at our factory here in Canterbury, using highly trained local staff who work alongside me. All of our iron work is cast in Oxford and our parts are enamelled in Birmingham. We do not own or use Chinese or Taiwanese foundries.”

Thornhill Range Cookers Ltd are constantly innovating and designing new models – aiming to provide a beautiful, high quality product that is as economical and flexible to run as possible. Quality of product design and outstanding British craftsmanship are the makeup of every Thornhill range cooker.

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