Cooking and Heating

Cooking and Heating

The great thing about ‘going green’ is it can be done without sacrifice. In fact, you can do it in style. If you dream of a country kitchen with a beautiful wood burning range cooker, technological developments have made the dream an eco-friendly reality. Picture a cast iron 3- or 4-oven wood burning cooker, warming the home and cooking your meals to perfection.

Wood is a clean, efficient and renewable form of energy, yet the majority of homes in the UK rely on electricity for both cooking and heating. Wood and wood pellets are a carbon neutral option in Aga range cooker styles, which are used for cooking and heating the kitchen simultaneously.

And the best part? You’ll actually save on heating bills – great news since the price of electricity and oil are on the rise. Our unique Thornhill range cookers are one of the most efficient cookers in the world, harnessing maximum power from whichever fuel you choose to use. This saves you money; they cost around £1,000 less in fuel and servicing than a traditional Aga range cooker.

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