Runs via a time switch and thermostat, with a heat-up time of around 40 minutes. The 3 oven pellet costs only £150-300 a year to run depending on how much you use it for heating the kitchen. Approximate running cost are just 15p/hr with the oven at 200C, giving you 3 kW to the room. Also induction hob in lid.

The most Eco Fuel-Efficient Range now available.

As we are the manufacturer with many years' experience, if you are unsure, please email or phone us and we can advise on your purchase.

40mm side with fire box, 200mm back distance to combustibles
5” (125mm)



3 Oven Wood pellet

The Thornhill Ecorange 3 oven wood pellet-fired cooker is a world leader for efficiency (lower running costs) and emissions. This combined with a 100% renewable fuel makes the cooker futureproof as well as a delight to own and cook on.

The cooker is run via a time clock so you can wake up to a nice warm kitchen and a cooker raring to go. This cooker can heat up to 180C in about 40 mins, then it burns less than a kg of pellets per hour, but can give up to 3KW to room at 200C. With pellets costing similar to oil or gas, this flexibility gives you amazingly low running costs – we estimate from as little as under £2.50 a week when used as a cooker or under £6.50 a week when used as a cooker and room heater. An electric cooker uses virtually the same amount of kilowatts as a pellet cooker, even though you might be told otherwise. ( electric cooker = 100% efficient, Thornhill Pellet = 90%). So you can heat your kitchen and be virtually 100% carbon neutral. The hopper holds over 35kg of pellets so it only has to be filled weekly in the winter, wood pellets burn cleanly, leaving minimal ash and you only have to de-ash monthly.


The 2 large rings are connected in the middle allowing you to slide your saucepans around without damaging the centre.   There is plenty of room for 6 or more pans, plus a 2 ring electric ceramic hob over the hopper.  A true cooks’ cooker?

3 OVENS, 50 LITRES EACH. (35cm wide, 27.5 cm high, 52cm deep) AGA cookware will fit on the runners.

The 3 ovens give a total cooking capacity of world-beating 150 litres.   The approximate temperature difference between each oven is 30-40 degrees. All ‘AGA’ cookware fits our ovens.

The lid of the hopper also has a double electric hob, for pre-boiling, frying and summer use.

All this and still giving 3-5kW of heat to the room. A nice cosy kitchen on those dark winter evenings, and a glow knowing you are doing your bit. Put simply…


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Customer Reviews

I can’t tell you how much I love my range cooker, she’s worked beautifully since the day I turned her on.We had 12 for Christmas dinner and everything was cooked and kept warm to perfection thanks to the cooker, she is the heart of the house.


Hi Graham, John has almost finished moving the kitchen around so thought I would send a picture of “peanut” in situ.
All good so far! Lots of cakes, stews and pies and a nice warm kitchen on the cold days. 😊
Hope you all keeping well.
Best regards SD